How to relieve baby gas

  1. Make sure you have a baby bottle that has an anti-colic system. We made a list of the best 3 bottles that reduce baby cramps.
  2. If there are no complications, the doctor or midwife will usually advise you to use standard infant formula to make bottled baby milk. It is best to choose one brand of infant formula as changing the type of milk may cause cramps for your baby. If your baby has any allergies, or allergies run in the family, most likely you will be advised to choose for a hypoallergenic infant formula.
  3. Be hygienic. As soon as possible after your baby finishes a feed, wash the bottle, teat and lid in hot soapy water. Use a bottle brush, and be sure to clean out any dried milk stuck inside the bottle and teat. Once it is clean, rinse the equipment with some fresh water and allow it to air dry.
  4. Move your baby’s knees back and forward like they are paddling a bike. The motion of the lower body helps relieve gassy pressure.
  5. Burp your baby half way trough the feeding process and then again after feeding to release air bubbles.
  6. Feed your baby before they get hungry and cry. Crying will cause them to swallow air which will cause gas.
  7. Relieve gas pains by giving your baby a back rub.
  8. Apply a warm compress to your baby’s tummy to help relieve gas.