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Evenflo Bumbly Exersaucer

  • 2 stages of use, easily converts to a play mat for use from birth to 4 months old.
  • 20 + fun activities.
  • Lights and sounds will keep baby giggling and engaged.
  • Enclosed springs for Bounce and Rock action to help build core muscles.
  • Review: ” It has strengthen her core muscles (lower back and abdominal) therefore helping her to be able to sit up”’.
  • Review: ”I babysit 2 grandchildren at the same time and this has been so helpful. The babies love it, lots of different motor activities for hands and I can put one of them in it and know they will be happy and stay in one place for a little while! Bonus is I can help the other baby stand on the outside of this saucer and they can also play with all the parts. ”
  • Review: ” The quality is good, no problems with the toys so far”.
  • Review: ” I like that you can move all the toys around to create different play areas. We didn’t use the u shaped piece when he was young then added it later.” 
  • Review: ” This works better for bigger babies, like months and above. The seat is very wide. Better for chunkier babies.”

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Skip Hop Explore 3-Stage Activity Center

  • Ages 4m+.
  • Three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play; Cruise & interact; Play table.
  • Converts to a play table with plastic chalkboard surface.
  • Discovery Window lets baby see piano and their feet while playing to learn cause and effect through spatial awareness.
  • Four movable toys include: peekaboo clouds that pop up and squeak, wobble lamb with rattle beads, swaying stars move back and forth and sun bead mover with spinner.
  • Review: ”This product is absolutely AMAZING ! I threw my 3 month old in the display model as a joke to raise my wife’s blood pressure and he* went nuts! and started playing with all the toys like crazy, he doesn’t sit up yet on his own so seeing everything from this view and having a slight support from the foot base was great for him. He started spinning himself around and going from toy to toy like a mad child. Everyone in the store had to stop and watch him and I had to buy it because I have never seen him so active and excited on his own.
  • Review: ”Best investment I’ve made, it also turns into a table when he gets older. It’s made out of great sturdy material, So dads if you want to buy your son/daughter this Gold Gym membership to get a true workout, this is a solid buy!”
  • Review: ”The flaw is the owl toy.
    Her little fingers got stuck between the owl and the tree he’s in. Just don’t attach it to the tray until the baby’s fingers are large enough not to fit in that gap. ”

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Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper 

  • Dive into discovery with ocean-themed activities in every direction.
  • Baby can jump and stretch his little legs from the jumper seat.
  • Introduces numbers & colors in English, Spanish, French
  • Baby can jump and stretch his little legs from the jumper seat.
  • Review: ”I wish I would have purchased this item sooner! It has it all! My daughter loves it! For a free standing jumper, this item isn’t as bulky as others I have seen! I was surprised at how little footspace it occupied! But just because this item doesn’t take up as much space doesn’t mean it is lacking in anyway! It has a rotating 360* seat so baby can have equal access to all the toys.”
  • Review: “ I was worried that my child wouldn’t get much use from this before she outgrows it (she is very tall for her age) however I foresee her being able to use it for a long time!”
  • Review: ” Because of the jumper, she learned head control, then she learned to sit and roll over. Today she is learning how to stand. She plays more and is far more alert. And now, she loves the jumper so much that she cries when we take her out of it. ”

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