Baby items you don’t need to buy (immediately)


  • Buy a sleeping bag for winter if your baby will be born in a month with high temperatures. Always check the sizes and the season! Same story as for clothes.
  • Buy a movement monitor. We tried it and it drove us crazy, the alarm will ring every five minutes. Just make sure you have a safe sleeping environment for your baby.
  • Buy too many clothes for the first 3 months, people will buy the smallest sizes for you when the baby is born. You will need to get out of the house when the baby Is born, so you can always shop for more.
  • Go grazy on toys. When you have a small budget and you are pregnant: Wait with the music mobile, play mat etc. You don’t need it the first 3 months. You have plenty of time to figure it out and make the best choice.
  • Buy multiple pacifiers of different brands. Just buy two of two different brands. You will find out which one your baby likes the most. Ofcourse you need more of them in case you will lose them, but wait until the baby is born. Otherwise it’s a waist of money.
  • Buy a jacket for your baby the first 4 months. It’s uncomfortable. Buy a warm vest and make sure you have a sleeping bag or warm blanket in your stroller. It will be warm enough and your baby will love a soft nest.
  • Buy a baby robe. Yes It’s cute for a picture, but you will not use it. You will use a towel or swaddle blanket to cover and dry your baby. It’s way easier.
  • Buy baby powder. You don’t need it and it can cause breathing problems. The only thing this stuff is good for is to remove sand from your baby skin.  If you’re trying to wipe off sand from feet, toes and legs put some baby powder on and then wipe of the sand.  It’s amazing!)
  • Buy pacifier wipes. Just sterilize them together with the baby bottles, no one has time to coordinate the purchase. It’s a waist of money.
  • Don’t buy too many bottles of just one brand. Same story as the pacifiers. Buy just two of two different brands. We made the mistake to buy 5 of just one brand(the brand Natursutten), and our baby did not take it. We were stressed and the stores were closed, so we needed to ask a friend for another bottle(Dr Brown, that we love). It was a waist for our money, but most of all it caused a lot of stress.
  • Buy an expensive cover for the changing mat. A lot of accidents will happen so you will wash them multiple times. Make sure you have two or three so you can change it. You can also add a swaddle blanket/hydrophilic diaper, that you can change daily.

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