Must-haves for your baby list

Creating your baby list, what’s important and what isn’t? We will help you.

  • You can’t have enough of these: Swaddle blankets/hydrophilic diapers. You have them in different sizes and colors. You will need them multiple times a day! First for feeding your baby, to cover your couch, cover your babies (and your own) mattress, cover anything! You need at least two of them in your diaper bag, so you will always be prepared. You have a ‘standard size’ (+- 20 inches ) and  XL ones(50 inches). You will need both of them. The XL ones are very useful for your changing mat and you can use them to swaddle your baby or use it as a cover. The other reason why you need this one, is to dry your baby after a bath. Your babies skin is so delicate, and especially for the skin folds the blankets are very useful. A towel will be too harsh for your baby.


Basic white

Animal prints

Start with a standard list, but think about your own situation. If your baby is born in winter, you need other stuff as for summer babies.

  • Sleepers! You can’t have enough sleepers. It’s already hard enough to change your babies diaper 6/7 times a day. It’s not only hard for you, but also for you baby, who is not always in the mood to change a diaper or switch clothes. You don’t want to struggle and make it unpleasant for your baby. A sleeper is easy to put on and very very comfortable for your baby. Make sure you buy a sleeper with an opening at the bottom. We made a top three sleepers for you!
  • Diapers, diapers, diapers. At first you can’t believe you need that much of them. But you do! Especially the first months you will need 6 or 7 a day. You don’t want to be in the situation that you don’t have enough of them. You will be stressed and will buy the expensive ones in a rush. Make sure you buy a package so you can prevent this.
  • The one that comes with the diapers, wipes! What do you prefer? The wipes will come out one by one? Or do you need a handful when your baby has an accident? And do you prefer water based wipes, or hypo allergen wipes, or doesn’t it matter to you? There a lot of possibilities when it comes to wipes.
  • Diaper cream. After all that cleaning, your babies skin will be irritated/red sometimes. It’s unpleasant and it can cause a lot of pain for your baby. Don’t forget the diaper cream!
  • Extra bottles! Don’t buy just one or two. You will forget them at places and some babies will get used to one specific bottle brand. The least you can use is stress! Another reason you need more than just one, is because it takes a lot of cleaning. If you don’t know which bottle you should buy, this will help you.